Luv Lux 消費劵攻略

💫2022 Consumption Coupon Strategy💫


Coupons are coming soon, and my Luv Lux can receive electronic coupons just like last year. And this year, we will launch a new strategy of sharing money/combined consumption/separate payment/pre-use.

The spot, order, and mantissa can all be paid in separate orders for a specified amount , which is more flexible and faster. Moreover, if you do not wash the two phases, you can immediately use the two phases of sun drying.

🌟Sharing money: use multiple coupons belonging to different people for the same order
🌟Combined consumption: use coupons from different platforms for the same order
🌟Separate payment: the first period of coupons is ordered, and the balance of the second period is given , so don’t be afraid that your favorite boutiques will be bought by others
🌟 Pre-use: Pay the full amount with FPS. When you receive the coupon, we will exchange it with the coupon and return the cash to your bank account. **Shangli office processing, you can receive bank transfer immediately

🌟Purchase credits: consumption coupons can be exchanged for LUVLUX shopping credits of the same value, don’t be afraid to use it for the first issue, and you can wait until the desired items are sold first


**For all consumption, you can also enjoy a $100 FPS discount😚


👜If you want to buy something, if you want to quote, feel free to contact us at SHOPPER to help you🙌🏻

Coupon FAQ


1)  Can I save Luv Lux points by shopping with coupons?


2) After using the coupon, can the remaining balance be used for other payment tools?
Yes, the balance can be transferred with any payment instrument.


3) Is there any restriction on the purchase of specific types of products in the coupon ? There is no restriction, and all discounts and discounts are also applicable.


4 )  Can I get a refund or return a product purchased with a coupon?
Yes, all returns and exchanges are the same as usual.

Basic Information on Coupons


What are e-vouchers? [Latest news] Financial Secretary Chen Maobo announced on February 23, 2022 to launch the consumer voucher program again, with the amount increased to 10,000 yuan to drive local consumption. The entire plan involves a financial commitment of about 66.4 billion yuan, and the measures are expected to benefit about 6.6 million people.

Through the registration information collected from the consumption voucher program launched last year, in April, more than 6.3 million citizens who have successfully registered for the "2021 consumption voucher scheme" will be issued 5,000 yuan consumption vouchers, and the balance will be included with the consumption vouchers of newly eligible persons Released in batches during the year.

The consumption voucher program will be launched in two phases. The first phase is to issue 5,000 yuan consumption vouchers to eligible citizens who have successfully registered for the 2021 consumption voucher scheme in April, and the balance will be launched in the second phase of the new round of consumption voucher scheme Issued in installments.

2022 (Phase 2) Voucher Program Schedule