Shopper Service


Luv Lux Shopper Service


Luv Lux offers shopper service for luxury products from Europe. In the age of globalisation, we can shop online anytime, anywhere. Luxury goods in Europe are way cheaper than in Asia. With Luv Lux’s shopper service, you can get your wanted items at the bargain price in Europe without having to fly there. Stay with Luv Lux and stay stylish!

How it works


Shopper service is available for all in-stock items on the UK official website. Price in Hong Kong dollars is calculated as follows: UK list price X exchange rate (current exchange rate: 1:10.2).
**Free delivery on orders over HK$5000. (Delivery costs HK$200 per order in general)

Step 1

Collect the following information of your wanted item:

1) Item name

2) Product order link

3) Item details (style, size, colour, leather and metal colour, etc.)

Step 2

Calculate the price as above and fill out the order form.

**We will confirm the order with you in 1-2 working days.


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